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Some Men Can Fix Anything….;

Some Men Can Fix Anything….

Some guys can just use anything thing to fix a problem on the road.  One thing YOU CAN DO is prevent a major problem on the road by keeping tabs on your oil level and Engine Coolant.  Takes less than a minute and can save you a lot of stress!  Love your car a little […]

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Tax Season 2020 is here – Awesome!!;

Tax Season 2020 is here – Awesome!!

Supercars has just gone out and loaded up on even MORE inventory for you to choose from. Come by today to check them out, or apply online — We now have nearly 100 vehicles to choose from!

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Easiest Buy Here Pay Here Loan;

Easiest Buy Here Pay Here Loan

At Supercars of Johnson City we have one of the easiest Buy Here Pay Here loans in the Tri-Cities.  Simply bring us a valid Tennessee License and a pay stub to get started toward a new car! We have been serving the Tri-Cities for over 10 years providing used vehicles to individuals and families from […]

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$$MONEY$$ SAVING tip:;


As we get into the warmer months, your engine coolant system is going to be working overtime!  Your vehicle will give you signs to let you know something may not be right!  For instance: Did you know that if your radiator fan quits working, MOST of the time your car shuts down your A/C? Keep […]

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Just on the way to work….;

Just on the way to work….

You don’t know when an accident may happen. Keeping YOUR car insured is very important because you just don’t know what that other driver will do. STAY INSURED! Protect your investment!!

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NEW RIDES on the way- BHPH!!;

NEW RIDES on the way- BHPH!!

Looking for a ride?!?  At Supercars, we have several sweet rides getting ready for you to chose from!! We offer one of the EASIEST loans in the Tri-Cities with NO CREDIT CHECK!  Yes, really no Credit check required.  We are not like the other guys that just say that until you come in to buy […]

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WINNER $$50$$ Walmart card!!;

WINNER $$50$$ Walmart card!!

Thank you to: Amber and Travis for not only shopping with us, but being a great customer, finishing out their loan and bringing a friend in to get a car!  We appreciate your business and hope to see you soon!  Your name was drawn amongst our Face Book likes and you have won $50.00 in […]

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$5,995.00 or less…..;

$5,995.00 or less…..

Most of our vehicles are under $6,000.00 and paid off in an average of 19 months!  You can get a payment around $260 per month and get your title in less than TWO YEARS!  Call us today for more information!

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Tax Season Approaching…;

Tax Season Approaching…

Just a quick reminder that SuperCars DOES accept your Tax Refund Debit Card!!  We have had so many families request this in the past, this year you will be able to use your card toward the down payment of a vehicle.  SEE YOU SOON!!  

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