Some Men Can Fix Anything….

Keeping tabs on oil and coolant levels can save you a lot of grief!

Some guys can just use anything thing to fix a problem on the road.  One thing YOU CAN DO is prevent a major problem on the road by keeping tabs on your oil level and Engine Coolant. 

Takes less than a minute and can save you a lot of stress!  Love your car a little and check the fluids next time you are at the pump!  Chances are it needs more than just gas every once in a while!

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As we get into the warmer months, your engine coolant system is going to be working overtime!  Your vehicle will give you signs to let you know something may not be right!  For instance: Did you know that if your radiator fan quits working, MOST of the time your car shuts down your A/C? Keep an eye on your temperature gauge every day to help prevent engine failure if something goes wrong.  It can happen in LESS than a minute while driving! Make a habit of looking at your temp gauge frequently while behind the wheel.  Before you drive – every couple weeks, check your Radiator to see if it is full.  Not the reservoir, the RADIATOR. Most vehicles have fill caps for both.  If it is low, you probably have a leak!

Really simple check that can save you a $$bundle$$.

Tire Rotation Matters

Why should you rotate tires? There’s a few reasons why rotating tires is imperative to safe, cost effective driving. Tires should be rotated every 6-8000 miles, even if they don’t show obvious signs of wear.

1) Rotating tires helps preserve balanced handling. This helps maintain traction, which is especially important in rain or snow, especially on our winding country roads.

2) Tire rotation prevents wear. Allowing each tire to be used in all four vehicle positions helps promote even wear which increases the life of your tires.

3) Many of the tire manufacturers require rotation to keep warranties valid. The last thing you want to do is void a warranty on a set of new tires!

4) Even wear across all tires means you can replace them at the same time, which affects vehicle handling and safety.

Allowing each tire to be used in all four vehicle positions helps promote even wear which increases the life of your tires.

A few facts about your tires:

1) The front tires perform very different tasks than the rear tires.

2) Tires on a front-wheel drive vehicle must respond differently than those on a rear-wheel drive vehicle.

3) Performance tires wear much faster than those on a typical sedan or mini-van.

For any questions about your vehicle, please call us today. Thanks for reading the Super Cars blog!


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